The past isn't dead.  It isn't even past.

Presidential vote by county, 2008.  See that blue curving band across the deep south?




Black Population, 1990

By the way, this effect isn't just present in Obama's victory; Democratic voting and the cotton belt have a longstanding correlation, at least dating back to Lyndon Johnson.

Here are 2004 election results:  Yellow is Kerry, blue is Bush.
2004 Electoral results by county

In response to StumbleUpon commenters who suggest the effect is due to urban centers voting Democratic, here's the population density for 2004. 

Population 2004

Since I posted this page originally, the main images have been picked up in

StrangeMaps (which has a nice overlay of the cotton and electoral vote maps)
Andrew Sullivan
The Vigorous North (with further explanation tracing this pattern back to the Cretaceous!)

Allen Gathman, 11/6/2008


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