Organic Chemistry Songfest

There are a number of Chemistry songs on the web. This site was inspired by Dr. Otto Phanstiel and his students, who write and perform their chemistry songs (see the following web site: I felt our students could do the same thing, so I started this in the Fall of 2002. Here are our efforts. Enjoy.

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Summer 2010 CH341



Carboxylic Acid

The Carboxylettes (Kristy Morris and Tori Gilliland)

Ortho, Meta, Para

Chrissy the Chemist (Chrissy Ulrich)

Aromatic Rings

Shormie Ali

Priority the Beautiful

Christina Hunter (Fisher)

There’s a Chiral Carbon bonded to CH3

Jessica Arnold

The Itsy Bitsy Nucleophile

Organo Freaks
(Kaileigh McGinley, Kerri Lane, Heather Fritsche)

Fall 2009 CH341



A Carbonyl Got Ran Over by a Grignard

The O-H Formers (Josh Buell and Sarah Brake)


Tawanika Williams and Jasmine Peebles

Benzene Reactions


The Benzene 5
(Mackenzie Lechner, Eric Lesh, Sarah Hillebrand, Garrett Downing, and Sara McElroy)

Benzene Ring

Chemistry Chicks
(Sierra Bollinger and Brittany Chapple)

Ethyl Acetate

Jacqueline Heath, Clay Tummins, and Graeme Kerby


Swetha Kundhuru, Divya Pasam, Sowjanya Nalla and Goutham Devarapally

If I Were a Benzene

Benzeneonce (Melissa Walker)

It’s a Party in Organic Chem

The Ester Testers
Kristin Alexander, Megan Bauer, Victoria Robbins and Christa Soekamto

Making a Ketone

The Timberlakes
(Hue Nguyen, Joseph Sullivan, Jacob Sullivan)

Markovnikov’s Rule

Sunil Uppala, Vamshi K Buddineni and Vijaya Padigapati

Nucleophiles Are Sure to Attack

Christina Hunerkoch and Kristina Scott

This Little Grignard

(Katie Patterson, Chase Seyer, Tori St. Cin and Bryan Davidson (the pre-vets))

Up in Organic Lab We Pause


(Katie Patterson, Chase Seyer, Tori St. Cin and Bryan Davidson (the pre-vets))

We're Sure


The Broken Flasks
(Courtney Thompson, Virginia Matzes and Christina Scudder)

When a Cyclic Structure is Suspect

Aromatic Duo 
(Kevin Davis and Dawn Mills)

You can Call me
Al (dehyde)

Jared Frisby as “Oxidize This”

Spring 2010 CH343



A double bond to an O

The Timberlakes
Hue Nguyen, (Jacob Sullivan & Joseph Sullivan)

Acid Protonation

The Protonators: Josh Buell, Jordan Voss, Kelly McDonald

Build Me Up Malonic Acid

Christa Soekamto and Jacqueline Heath

Dr. Hathaway Had a Class

The Organic Chicks:
Sierra Bollinger, Christina Hunerkoch, and Brittany Chapple

Functional Group

John Mischel and Jared Henrichs

Hey Diels-Alder

Jared Henrichs and John Mischel

My Brain is Fried

Jared Henrichs and John Mischel

Making Alkenes

C=Sea Stars: Sarah Hillebrand, Mackenzie Lechnir, Eric Lesh, and Sara McElroy

Oops! ...I Did It Again

The Oopsy Daisies:
By Megan Bauer and Victoria Robbins

Organic II

The Advisors: Courtney Thompson, Krystina Jackson, and Virginia Matzes

The Grignard Reaction

Alexia Harris, Preethi Tarigoupula, Audrey Shelly


The Spice-Roids:
Kate Loos, Thomas Boyd, Carolyn Findlan, Kelsey Loucks


  Fall 2008 CH343



Baby Got Enols

Dana Formon, Kayla Mabery, Emily Bowers & Jessica Cook


Free Radical
a.k.a. Chris Eddleman


Chimney Sweeps
(Ben Hooe & Eric Martin)

Jolly Dr. Hathaway

Chimney Sweeps
(Ben Hooe & Eric Martin)

My Ketona

The Carbonyls
(Thecla Gibson, Melanie Bliese, & Elizabeth Moore)

The Grignard

The Grignardians
(Adam Ansberry, Blake Essner, & Scott Dunaway )

When a Chemist is Engaged in His Employment

Dr. H

Spring 2009 CH234



A-mi-no Acids

Alyssa Anderson

Steps of Fatty Acid Metabolism

Nicole Wheeler, Stephanie Kern
and Danielle Pelham


(Kelsey Koehler, Laura Burdick, Laurie Kreher, and Larissa Helms)


Fall 2007 CH341



3 Aromatic Choices

Travis Weiss and Oanh Le


“Incomplete Octet”
a.k.a. John Wright


“The Jingle Belles”
Jessie Clarke, Brandie Dobynes and Michelle Mitchell

Hey There My Benzene

“Plain White Lab Coats”
Scott Schwiesow and Keith Proctor

I Wish I Was A Carboxylic Acid

Autumn Cabaniss and Brittney Crawford

Jolly Old Saint Nucleophile

Kayla Mabery, Rebecca Coral Escalante, Elise Nattier, Stephanie Maltzman

Message in a Nucleophile

Devin Vitt, Stephanie Winzenburger, and Andrew Wiese

Why Do You Synthesize Me?

“The Bond Breakers”
Dana Goeddel, Sara Holman, Heather O’Conner, Caitlen Denny

Wonderful Benzoic Acid

“Ester and the Heartbreakers” (Stephanie Long, Stacy Lambert, Lara Messersmith)

If I Were a Nucleophile

Dr. H

Spring 2008 CH343



Diels-Alder Theme Song

Kayla Mabery, Elise Nattier, Brittney Crawford, and Stephanie Maltzman

(The Aldol Condensation)

The Free Radical
(John Wright)


Mary-Grace DeLine, Caitlen Denny, and Heather O’Connor

My Bonds

Trey Graviett, Rachel Ford, and Wamidh Jamil

Turn Your Page (That’s What She Said)

Boredom in A Cappella
(Chad McCormick, Keith Proctor and Scott Schwiesow)

Ice Bath Baby

Vanillin Ice
(Sarah Gore, Jamie Moravec, and Dana Goeddel)

Fall 2006 CH341 Spring 2007 CH343 and
Summer 2007 CH341




Sheena Arink & Angela Hirtzel

Chemistry Smells

“One Man Band” Adam Sickels

O' Clemmensen

“Aromatic Ringtone”
Alyssa Kreitler

Dashing Through Naming

Elizabeth Sparks

Father Hathaway

“The Organic Quakers”
Trey Graviett, Wamidh Jamil, & Whitney Ostendorf

Grignard the Famous Reagent

“The Christmas Chemists”
Lance Alford & Cecelia Sponsel

I am a C

Andrew Jackson, Tara O’Connor, Andrew Valleroy, & Joe Gholson

My Carbon’s Set on You

Mark Fiala


Amy Joiner, Kelsey Stauffer, & Kelly Kuehn

Resonance Rocks

Twila Mason, Lacey Marks, Beth Eschmann, & Audrey Henckell


Kevin Crawford

The Grignard Reaction

Erik Jameson


“The Bond-Trapp Chemistry Singers” Hannah Korte & Britteny Johnson

The 14 Functional Groups of Organic Chemistry

Emily Robinson


Title Performer(s)
Chemistry Song

Trey Graviett, Wamidh Jamil, and Emily Robinson

Frère Jacques: The True Translation

Joe Gholson, Andrew Jackson and Andrew Valleroy


Hannah Korte, Amy Joiner, and Britteny Johnson

If You Want to Make a Carbon-Carbon Bond…

Hannah Korte, Amy Joiner, and Britteny Johnson

Gonna Brew Up Some Alcohol The Chemistry Hillbillies: Kelly Kuehn, Nick Schwartz, and Josh Hunter
Missoura Radical Moonshine

Eric Ebaugh, Joanna Sides, and Scott Allen

NMR Spectroscopy The Organic Rockers: Punam Patel, Tara O'Connor, Lance Alford, & Cecelia Sponsel
Take Me A Mass Spectrometry Reading SEMO Specs: Danyelle Aber, Matt Wulfers, and Kelsey Stauffer

The Grignard Reaction

Melissa Mack and Hsuan-yi Wu

We’re for Grignard All the Way!

Audrey Henckell, Lacey Marks, and Twila Mason

Like a Aromatic Grant Hengst and Michelle Pinkley
Summer & Fall 2005 Spring 2006 CH234
Song Title Performers
The Wittig Bunch

Cyndi Ulrich, Lexie Hein, Ryan Elwell, Josh Tucker and Shaun Williams

I'll Synthesize Cyndi Ulrich
The Labeler Dawn Larue, Gabe Keller and Tammy Sexton
PCC Tom Benoist and Ryan Elwell
Song Title


Help Me Dr. Hathaway Sara Essner, Anna Christakos, Mandy Koch and Brandy Hodges
Look at Me I’m an Enzyme You See!

Katie Vangilder, Michelle Jett, Katie Ressel, Jamie Welter

Organic is Back

Jen Hoehn, Candice Duncan and Katie LoRusso

Rock Around the Kreb's Cycle

Julie and the Coenzyme A's: Angela Price, Anna Glover, and Julie Robinson

What I Got Claudia Favre, Sean Smith, Amy Deibel, Sara Pelts
Fall 2004 CH343 Spring 2005 CH234
Song Title Performers
Grignard the Best Reaction Cody Bell, Colleen Mullarney, Nicole Arnold, and Ashley Gilliam
Organic Labville Justin Brooks, Jonathan Edwards, and Natalie Watts
Song Title Performers
"CHEM LAB" featuring lil' Ern and the Ying Yang Triplets Erin Kirsch, Katy Brown, Rachel Beyatte, and Jessica Daniels
Macronutrients Monica Ruppert, Kimberly McDaniel, and Jason Peters
Like a Lipid Megan Hejlek, Erin Hartmann, and Michelle Frossard

Spring 2004 CH234

Spring 2004 CH343

Song Title


The Citric Acid Cycle

Diana Poovey, Hannah Conger, Pamela Haupt, Laura Olsen, and Amy Dornseif

The Things In Chemistry Lab

Cale Clements and Mike Laux

The Carbon Is Connected To The Hydrogen

Emily Davis and Kody West

We Love This Lab

Bryan Schmid and Nathan Goldschmidt

Wasting Away Again In Organic Chemistry

Traci Mitchell and Nicque Ashby

If You Wanna Synthesize Aspirin

Ryan Farrar

Functional Groups

Christy Miskell, Nancy Schubert, Holly Gillespie, Colette Banda, Diane Goddard

Song Title



Lindsey Reitz, Elisa Goetz, and Shaun  Loeffelman

Chem Guys

Ricky Ogles, Gabe Keys, Danielle Zust, and Colleen Mullarney


Tiffany Brey and Kelly Birk

Make Me A Claisen Reaction

Ashley Gilliam, Sarah Frost, and Mandy Johnson


Tim Capps and Keith Georger


Crystal Cannon, Jennifer Hutchings, Shannon Jimerson, David Preston

The Alkylated Ketone Song

Traci Flippo, Amanda Grimes, Kylie Alexander, and Tim Wencewicz

The Grignard Bunch

Adam Sahaida, Brandon Machen, Larissa Holmes,
Kelli Reed

Why Do You Build Me Up?

Jess Boester, Ember Crowe, Shannon Willis, and Katie Frey


Fall 2003
(Due to a camera problem, I didn't get pictures of every group - sorry!)

Amines in Low Places


Bad Synthesis

Doctor Hathaway

For the Longest Time

Grignard Bells

Hit Me With a Strong Nucleophile

Organic Chem

Oxygen Song

Ring of Carbons


The Alkene is Mine

van der Waals

What's New Radical

Young Man


Spring 2003

Amides to Amines


Carboxylic Acid Synthesis

Carboxylic Construction

The Name

Hydrated Away in Organic Lab

Up Down Out (Remix)

Wrong Song


The Amino Acid Song

Insulin: 7 Days A Week



Fall 2002

Fresh Chair of Bel-Air

Let’s Get Rid of the Alcohol

Reaction Acres

Rudolph, the Red Polarimeter

The Beauty In Naming

The Halogen Bites the Dust: A Song About the E2 Mechanism

The Twelve-Carbon Chains

Up, Down, Out


Other Songs from the Web

Four Organic Name Reaction Songs:

O Grignard the Beautiful,
Glory, Glory, It's Wolff-Kishner,
Oh My Ketone, and
The Aldol Reaction


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