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Cheryl J. McAllister, Associate Professor        
Mathematics Department
Office: Johnson Hall 217A  
Mail Stop: MS6700
Phone:  573-651-2778   
E-mail: cjmcallister@semo.edu  



Presentation for MO Section MAA, March 28, SLU, "Redesign of Beginning and Intermediate Algebra using ALEKS"

Presentation for Focus on Technology Conference, UMSL, Oct. 25, 2013, "Redesign of Beginning and Intermediate Algebra using ALEKS: Lessons Learned"

Presentation for College Success Seminar, Feb. 6, 2013. "Math Study Skills".

Presentation for JMM in San Diego, Jan. 12, 2013. "Redesigning Beginning and Intermediate Algebra: Lessons Learned.

Presentation for Nov. 30, 2012 MCTM Conference "Circles and Triangles: Constructing Platonic Solids as Art".

Presentation for Dec. 2, 2011 MCTM Conference "Tangram Activities for the holidays"                     

Presentation for Dec. 3, 2010 MCTM meeting on "Developing skills writing word problems for fraction operations".   PDF


Handouts from December 4, 2009 MCTM meeting on "Teaching Fraction Word Problems with a Conceptual Approach".

Power points slides                    Handout

Power Point slides from Mathfest 2009 presentations:

"Common Error Patterns in Pre-service Teachers' Attempts at Writing Fraction Word Problems", Cheryl J. McAllister and Cheryl Beaver.

"Using the Mathematics of Art as a Freshman Seminar Theme", Cheryl J. McAllister

Handouts and materials from 2008 MCTM conference in Columbia, MO from the "Enhancing the teaching of problem solving involving fractions" workshop.
Overhead slides                      Problems using only the definition of fractions

Dr. Loyd's Activity                   Basic Contexts for Fraction Word Problems

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Power Point for Fall 2007 SSMA conference
Student error patterns when writing fraction word problems

Handouts and information from the Fall 2005 MCTM conference

Fraction Activities                                                        Link to the Rational Number Project

Fraction Games                                                            Problems associated with the teaching of fraction concepts

Polyomino information (follow-up to MCTM conference 2002):

Pentomino activity sheet                Websites for learning more about polyominoes             Outline form of Power Point slides.

Universal Design information (follow-up to 2002 NCTM conference in Paducah):

Power Point presentation                References                Handout

Here is a direct link to mathematics education information compiled specifically for Early Childhood Majors
Link to Information on Teaching Mathematics for Early Childhood Majors

What if math is not your best subject?

When Will I Use Math?      http://WhenWillIUseMath.com     

Math Study Skills

Suggestions on how to cope with math anxiety

Dissertation: Developing Preservice Teachers' Procedural and Conceptual Understanding of Fractional Number Concepts

  Dissertation - final draft       Appendixes

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