My current research interests  span the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and statistical Natural Language Generation (NLG), and text analysis and generation. I am interested in combining NLP and NLG techniques in cooperation with Machine Learning algorithms for various NLP and NLG tasks, especially, unstructured text such as blog’s corpus. To be more specific, I am currently working toward the following problems:


Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics; Natural Language Processing (NLP), Generation (NLG) & Understanding; Text Classification; Machine Learning; Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Educational Games.

Research Interest

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Current Research

· Paraphrase Extraction and Generation

· Sentiment and Emotional Analysis

· Mood Analysis & Classification

· Generating text to effect mood and personality via NLG

Mood Classification’s in Blog Corpus

· We proposed new approach to classify mood in unstructured text, such as blogs.

· Sentiment Orientation features are used to improve the classification in this task.

Natural Language Generation Interface

· "Automatic natural language generation for intelligent digital game characters". The games here are training/education games (serious games).

· It allows specifying templates with any number of variables and dependencies between them. It internally uses SimpleNLG to provide the linguistic background knowledge.

My Research and Projects

Modeling  Mood and Personality in Conversation via NLG

· We implement a model to generate text to show the emotion and personality of the agents in digital game characters.

Extracting Paraphrases from Corpus

· Given a corpus of paraphrases, we can automatically find expressions in the same paraphrase group that express different emotions (friendly/hostile) or more formal/informal.

Research Groups:

Academic Awards

University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship (2007 - 2010)

Reviewer and Co-reviewer for Conferences

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