Mrs. Linda Tansil
Retired from Mathematics Department

College of Science and Mathematics
Southeast Missouri State University

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MA134 Review materials

MA134 Applications

Old MA 134 -- Departmental College Algebra site
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  • (573) 651-2770
  • Johnson Hall 217B
  • Mathematics Department
  • Southeast Missouri State University
    Talks Given
  • Web Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  • Aids to Learn Logarithms (AMATYC 2009)
  • Palm Pipes, and Other Standing Waves (MathFest 2004, MAA Missouri Section 2004)
  • Practical Applications of Trigonometry (MAA Missouri Section 2005)
  • MOMATYC Panel on Course Redesign (MAA/MOMATYC joint meeting April 2, 2011)
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