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I collaborate extensively with the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, a leader in undergraduate science education.  Click the logo to learn about the many online resources for supporting students as they actively investigate biology, including simulations and models, investigative cases, and rich problem spaces.

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CSTL workshop on Active Learning  Spring 2011

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SoTL Fellows Program Southeast faculty designing and assessing impact of their teaching innovations on student learning. 
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Environmental Science Case Studies 

To be useful outside the classroom, science curriculum should be accessible and meaningful to learners and actively engage them in using  tools of scientific inquiry.   We have developed Investigative Case Based Learning as one approach to accomplish this.

Investigative Case Based Learning
      Biology book using ICBL approach:

Casebook Resources

Biological Inquir
y: A Workbook of Investigative Cases, Margaret  Waterman and Ethel Stanley. Second Edition, Benjamin

Cummings, 2008. Third edition, 2010.



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National Institute of Education,  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  July/August 2011

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