Applied Calculus


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Instructor: Dr. Andrew Schwartz, Ph.D.
Department: Mathematics
Office: JH 307
Office Hours: MWF 9:55am-10:55am
Phone: (573)651-5065
Meeting times: MWF 9:00am-9:50am (JH101).

Get ready for a fun and challenging semester! This course will be a good amount of rewarding work!

The syllabus is not yet finalized, but many have asked for an initial copy so it is located in the above tab labelled Course Syllabus.

The syllabus has been updated with a few errors corrected.

Here is Practice Exam 1.  Good luck studying!  Also, PLEASE NOTE that not all the questions on this practice exam will be on your exam.  Problems from section 2.5 will be excluded, for instance, since this unit was not covered before this exam.

Here is Practice Exam 2. Again, good luck studying!  Also, PLEASE NOTE that any questions from Chapter 4 will not be on your actual exam and the bonus questions will be different.  However, the questions from Practice Exam 1 that were NOT on you first actual exam, will be on the second actual exam (for example the problems from section 2.5).

Here is the Practice Final.  Your actual exam 3 will contain some of the material from Practice Exam 2 as well as some of the material from this final through Section 5.2


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